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  • Pre-insulated PU Foam Duct Board

    Pre-insulated PU Foam Duct Board

    Polyurethane (PU) foam is a new kind of thermal insulating material for low temperature applications. It is mainly made from polyether or polyester plus isocyanate ester added with flame retardant, stabilizing agent and foaming agent and it changes into foaming body through chemical reaction after mixed and stirred.

    It has following features: low thermal conductivity, high strength, light weight, quakeproof, insulation, strong floatability, stable chemical properties and convenience in construction. Consequently, it is widely used in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, ethylene, refrigerated warehouse, food storage, and architecture industry.

  • PIR insulation board

    Pre-insulated PIR Foam Duct Board

    Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam is a kind of foaming material which can be made after the reaction of isocyanate, catalysis and polyether. It’s better than common polyurethane foam in physical properties and flame resistance.

    PIR foam air duct offers a high performance, lightweight and robust ductwork system that requires only a single fix installation process. This not only makes it a high speed operation for projects, but also provides the advantage of a considerable saving in cost and space. It can make a saving of over 20% on operating cost over a 30 year life.

  •  polyurethane foam rigid

    PIR (polyurethane ) Pipe insulation

    Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam is a kind of foaming material which can be made after the reaction of isocyanate, catalysis and polyether. It’s better than common polyurethane foam in physical properties and flame resistance.

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Pre-Insulated PIR Duct Panel

  • 2017-05-22

To fully maximize the potential of the Pre-Insulated PIR Duct Panel, you have to understand first what a PIR(polyisocyanurate)is since this is the main component of this type of duct panel.PIR(polyisocyanurate)is also called aspolyiso, or ISO. So, if you happen to encounter any of the these terms, they are all referred to PIR(polyisocyanurate). This is usually produced in the form of a foam and a kind of thermoset plastic. This is manufactured and used as a material for insulation purposes, especially in terms of thermal insulation.

While this type of foam is very helpful and used in the duct panel, it is advised that those who will be in charge of installation should be aware of its health hazards. During the fabrication of the PIR, there is a high tendency for someone to be irritated in the eyes and skin and even in the respiratory system with the effect of dust.

A Very Good Energy Saving Air Duct System

The best thing about the Pre-insulated Phenolic Foam Board is that this is very economical -an energy saving air duct system so to say. You will not worry about your consumption of energy if you will make use of this, plus, this is eco-friendly that you will be at peace with mother earth. Just try to imagine how much energy is used in the world today. And imagine yourself saving with the use of this type of air duct system.

If an air duct system is environment friendly, this is to your advantage. We all know what ecological backlash is. No matter how good our technology is but if it is harming the environment, then probably we are dwelling on the odd side of progress. We have to make sure that what we are using every day, say, an air duct system, is environment friendly.

Product Specifications

To better understand this product, you have to know the specifications. While these specifications are applicable, there are still various types of Pre-Insulated ISO Duct Panel specifications with other specifications. Right now, let me just give you a quick view of possible specs. The size of this product is 3900*1200*20mm, its density is 55 -60 kg/m3, its thermal conductivity is 0.020-0.025 w/m. K, its Fire Rating Class is B1(GB8624-1997), its compressing strength is 0.2 MPa, its bending strength is 2.0MPa, its water absorption is < 0.1 %, it works best in temperature -100 —+80 ° C , and max wind velocity of < 12m/s.

Now that you have an idea of its specification, you might want this type of duct panel installed in your house. Find an expert to do this for you since you cannot just sacrifice and take for granted the safety of your house. Now, if you are just about to make a house plan, why not include this in your plan? You will surely be having a house well planned with this type of duct system included.

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