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  • Phenolic Foam Insulation Panel

    Pre-insulated Phenolic Foam Board

    Phenolic Foam Pre-insulated HVAC Duct Board is a ideal solution for specifications where space or weight is restricted. Compared with heavy galvanized sheet metal ducting that requires a second step to its ducting installations process to both vapor seal and thermally insulate the ductwork, Phenolic foam air duct offers a high performance ,lightweight and robust ductwork system that requires only a single fix installation process. And it saves over 20% on operating cost over a 30 year life.

  • PIR insulation board

    Pre-insulated PIR Foam Duct Board

    Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam is a kind of foaming material which can be made after the reaction of isocyanate, catalysis and polyether. It’s better than common polyurethane foam in physical properties and flame resistance. PIR foam air duct offers a high performance, lightweight and robust ductwork system that requires only a single fix installation process. This not only makes it a high speed operation for projects, but also provides the advantage of a considerable saving in cost and space. It can make a saving of over 20% on operating cost over a 30 year life.

  • Pre-insulated PU Foam Duct Board

    Pre-insulated PU Foam Duct Board

    Polyurethane (PU) foam is a new kind of thermal insulating material for low temperature applications. It is mainly made from polyether or polyester plus isocyanate ester added with flame retardant, stabilizing agent and foaming agent and it changes into foaming body through chemical reaction after mixed and stirred. It has following features: low thermal conductivity, high strength, light weight, quakeproof, insulation, strong floatability, stable chemical properties and convenience in construction. Consequently, it is widely used in industries of petroleum, chemical engineering, ethylene, refrigerated warehouse, food storage, and architecture industry.

  • phenolic foam building insulation

    Phenolic Foam Insulation

    Phenolic foam is a very versatile material suitable for a large range of applications where thermal performance, moisture resistance, fire performance and in certain cases structural strength are key performance criteria.  Phenolic foam is the only material that can provide this unique range of benefits at a low cost. Class 0 fire rating in accordance with BS 476 Part 6 & 7 Manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

  • glasswool

    Fiber Glasswool duct panels

    Glass wool is widely used as insulation for building materials , and steel structure insulation. Compared to other insulation materials, it has advantages as light weight, long life span, sanitary, and easy to transport and store.

  • Pre-insulated pipes

    Pre-insulated pipes

    Products are implemented at cooling in LNG low temperature field. They use Polyurethane as the insulation layer and high-density polyethylene as the protective layer. The installation method is overhead installation, and the temperature medium is between ~162℃ and ~50℃. We can provide on-site insulation or assembly pipes.

  • duct hose

    Aluminum Flexible duct(duct hose)

    Aluminum Flexible Duct is classified as two types: insulated and non-insulated, which is used for air conditioning system and other heat insulation system. Insulated aluminum flexible duct hose is made of aluminum foil (single or double layer), steel wire helix and glass wool. Non-insulated aluminum flexible duct hose is made of aluminum foil(single or double layer)and steel wire helix.

  • Air diffusers

    Air diffusers

    Ceiling diffuser is an integrated design ,where the diffuser frame is punched and stamped in one piece with the diffuser core. They are mainly used for studios, hospitals, theaters, classrooms, concert halls, libraries, recreation hall, theater lounge, general offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and gymnasium, and so on. In order to avoid the noise interference in a variety of environment, except determine the wind speed by the neck according to performance table, it should consider the installing height and surroundings.

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About Us Who we are? CASAVERDE INSULATION under CASAVERDE INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED, is a specialized division set up by experts of insulation industry. It specializes and focuses on energy saving building materials. Since 2013, it begins to select the very high standard and promising insulation suppliers in Mainland China, and it invests and cooperates with them to make the insulation materials meet the international standards.Today, CASAVERDE INSULATION is glad to present a series of energy saving products with very good quality and reasonable prices, so as to do its bit for the world's energy conservation. What we are made of: Insulated Panels / Insulation / Air and Lighting / Floor and Wall Our Mission and Core Value CASAVERDE means green house in Italian. It expresses the founders' very intention for bringing the world great affordable energy saving materials so as to make our houses green. Core Value: be the most valued enterprise for green building materials Our Advantages: 1) Hong Kong oriented investment. 2) Strict quality control with certificates and ASTM. 3) Highest Capacity and Highest Technologies 4) full range of products from affordable price to very high end. 5) full range of products to meet different project requirements. 6) Free consultancy from our sales team with +15 years experience. 7) Quick response and attentive after service. 8) Installation guide. Our history and What We are Focused on: We began with trading and service in insulation industry for years, and now we are a holder for workshops (for products like PF, PU and PIR), and well connected partner (for fiber glass and cellular glass products) and an investor and standardizer. By these ways we are able to participate with the most advanced manufacturers, to ensure the variety of our products and prices. And also to make sure the same price for better quality. The Casaverde Insulation Division team has +15 years experience in manufacturing and supplying insulation products. We help set the standards to our manufacturing units for the insulation products. We invest in new types of insulation materials (such as one step decoration and insulation). We would like to invite you to cooperate with us, and together we can make the world more green.
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